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Teacher and Student

                 ( Individual – For 8-12 Years)

 At I'm Kind Tutoring, we offer individual Kindness Coaching Lessons for kids 8-12 years old to help them gain skills about how to respond to mean kids (including friends and siblings) in a kind, assertive manner, and mainly, how “to stand up” for themselves when someone is being unkind to them.

Kids Coaching Lessons are called "drills" since kids will be putting to practice skills, so when facing real life situations, they are more prepared to respond/behave confidently, not being frightened to say what they want, or believe in a kind manner.


These are the Individual Kindness Coaching Lessons we offer:

  • Mean☹ness Drill 101: Verbal Insults & Rumors


    Kids will learn and practice skills dealing with someone who SAYS something mean TO them or says something mean ABOUT them.

They will learn to remain calm and kind, and to respond to mean kids as a friend, not retaliating/attacking them back.

    Situations include: name calling, teasing, criticizing, gossiping/spreading rumors, telling a lie about your son or daughter.


    Examples:  teasing your kid about flaws (appearance, height, weight, hair etc...), saying unfriendly comments to your child calling him/her names, telling everyone at school rumors, or other unkind comments, or sending a mean/direct message on social media, etc... 

  • Mean☹ness Drill 201: Group Exclusion

    Kids will learn and practice skills dealing with social exclusion/ someone who IGNORE, EXCLUDE, or LEFT THEM OUT of a group.


    Situations include: being excluded of playing, social activities such as parties, sports events, or from the whole group.


    Examples: not being invited to a birthday party, not being picked for a sports team, not being allowed to sit with them, being left out of a game/play at playground, or simply being ignored during an event or social gathering, etc...

  • Mean☹ness Drill 301: Rethinking Mean☹ness & Mindset Shifting


   Kids will learn and practice skills about the Golden Rule ("Treat Others the Way you Want to be Treated"), they will be questioning/rethinking their beliefs in relation to mean kids and being challenged to change their "victim" mentality when others are teasing, excluding, or are being mean to them.


    Questions include: Do I believe it? Am I physically hurt? Is that true? etc...

    Examples: We will be working with "real examples" that your child already experienced/or knows about, to rethink meanness. With each example your child will learn things could be much worse, or that most of the time what is happening in these mean situations, won't really matter in their future.



- Each coaching/session is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out forms and allow 1 hour+ 30 minutes to be at office in case we are running behind.


- All lessons require Internet Access. If for some reason, internet is not working, we will need to RESCHEDULE.

- Kindly cancel 24 hours before schedule time, if for some reason you aren't able to come. Otherwise, a charge of $ 20 will apply. 



           (While I am testing what works (or not) - Kindness Coaching Test                     Program will run in May and June/2024).

           **During this period all Kids Kindness Coaching Lessons are 1/2 OFF 

         ($ 20 ONLY per session).

            I appreciate your support and feedback in this trial period! 😊


***Call or Text: 248-206-5536



**Please allow 24 hours or after weekend to Emails & Text Messages to be returned.

*** If you don't get an email or text confirmation within 24 hours or after weekend, please try again.

Sometimes, emails or text messages don't work properly.

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